Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hive 1 March for Emily

Hey everyone, I have a really nice quick simple block design for you this month.

I would like you to make me a 12.5" (unfinished) churn dash block.

Please use 2 different prints for each block, no solids, please pick bright, bold modern colours and prints. Please no older style fabrics or muggy colours or pastels. I love the quilt my friend Laura made and this will give you an idea of the colours and style of prints I love.

I am a big fan of bright, geometric, dotty and text prints. Please make me 2 blocks (or more if you are having fun and want to carry on!) in different fabrics.

I have popped together a really quick tutorial for anyone who hasn't made a churn dash before.

 Print 1:     2.5"x18" rectangle
                two 5" squares

Print 2:     2.5"x18" rectangle
                two 5" squares
                one 4.5" square

Churn Dash Cutting

Sew the two long rectangles together and then cut into 4.5" strips. Sew the 5" squares together to make 4.5" trimmed HST.

Layout the churn dash and sew unit together

Churn Dash Finished Block

I hope you all have fun, let me know if you have any problems!


Cindy said...

Nice to meet you Emily! I haven't made the churn dash block yet.

Danny Heyen said...

Nice block! I have been thinking about making one of those churn dash quilts myself, so this will be good practice!

Studio V said...

Great block! I love your friends quilt!!

Cindy said...

By any chance did you make a typo on the 2" x 18" strips? I just tried to make this and it doesn't work out.

Strawberry Patch said...

Yes Cindy I did! Thanks for spotting that, I have amended it but it should be a 2.5" x 18" strip, one from each fabric. Sorry!

Carol said...

How pretty down all colorful and scrappy. I love seeing old blocks done more modern:)

Second Chance Tan said...

This looks great, and will be a brilliant quilt. Will get sewing soon x

CeLynn said...

This will be the first time making this block for me also! Hoping to have these done by the end of the weekend.

Beky B said...

I had to Google Profiteroles. I HAVE to know about a treat that sounds that yummy! Turns out, we call them cream puffs. Delicious!

laurel said...

How big is the final square? I want to crank out a couple for fun :)

kim said...

I love the pattern, but next time I'll make the 18" strips 18.5".
I had no room for straightening when cutting the pairs into 4.5" pieces.