Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blocks for Jennie

Hello Stash Bee-ers!

Here is the block I made for Jennie, the July Queen Bee for hive #2.

I actually made these a week or so ago but didn't like the pictures I took, so this morning I took a few more and liked how they turned out so I was finally able to post.

July Stash Bee Block
I used mostly 30's reproduction prints from my stash and loved the way it turned out.  The pinks and golds look great with the blue color Jennie chose for the star in the middle.

Jennie actually wrote up the tutorials we used to make the blocks this month and they were very easy to follow, though they did take a bit of time.  I probably spent close to two hours making this block.

I enjoyed making the block so much I made a 2nd one using a rainbow of 30's reproduction.  So fun!

2nd July Stash Bee Block

July Stash Bee Blocks

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