Thursday, October 1, 2020

Hive 1 October Tutorial: Perkiomen Valley Block

Hi.  My name is Karen.  This is my first year participating in a Stash Bee hive although I’ve watched from the sidelines off and on over the last couple of years.

It’s my privilege to be the Queen Bee of Hive 1 in October.

Below are directions for the scrappy Perkiomen Valley block that I’ve chosen.  The guild I belong to made a bunch of these blocks for the Ventura County Thomas Fire survivors in 2018.  It's an easy block to make with lots of layout choices. 

Overall I’m going for a light and dark scheme, resulting in the look and layout options of a traditional log cabin block.   Here is a picture of one block and also four finished blocks together for reference.  Each block is basically a nine patch.

My preference is to please exclude white, white on white, pastels, and novelty prints.  Everything else is fair game!


For the Light side, I prefer cream, off white, and / or low volume light prints.  Zero whites please.


I would like the center square to read RED.


For the dark side, I prefer saturated Medium / Dark colors.  I realize that “dark” fabrics read dark based on what they are set next to.  So…  use your own judgment!


Honestly, I’m open to anything!   I LOVE SCRAPPY! 


Below are sample fabrics I pulled from my stash for the Light side and the Red square.

I’m purposely not providing a picture of Mediums and Darks.  Please use whatever fabrics you think go well with the creams and red in your stash.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Start by browsing thru your stash...  You will need...

  • 5 Mediums / Darks
  • 5 Lights
  • 1 Red

Cut as follows... 

  • From Mediums / Darks  
    • 3 (B)  4-1/2" squares  
    • 2 (D)  5" squares  - to be used to make half square triangles         
  • From Lights
    • 3 (A)  4-1/2" squares   
    • 2 (D)  5" squares  - to be used to make half square triangles
  • From Red
    • 1 (C)  4-1/2" square 

Make Half Square Triangles using 5" squares...
  • Draw diagonal lines on the back of the two Light 5" squares (D)
  • Align the Medium / Dark 5" squares (D) with the Light 5" squares, right sides together
  • Sew a scant 1/4" seam on both sides of the drawn diagonal line
  • Cut apart on the line
    • You will end up with 4 HST's although the block only uses 2
  • Press to the dark side

Trim HST's to size...
  • Align 45-degree line on your ruler with diagonal seam and trim to 4-1/2" square

Sew into rows, press, finish up...
  • Layout squares to form Perkiomen Valley pattern as shown
  • Sew together into rows
  • On top and bottom rows, press seams toward center square
  • On center row, press seams away from center square
  • Butting seams together, sew rows together to complete block
  • Press final seams away from center
  • Block should measure 12-1/2" square - Voila!  (Bob's your uncle!)

You will have two extra half square triangles left over.  If you want to send them to me with your completed block, I would be happy to include them in the final quilt somehow... maybe in the border!



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