Sunday, December 16, 2018

Hooray! All Done: Bow Tie Flimsy

Making my October Bow Ties was both easier and harder than I had thought. Making a visual plan was the harder part. All our beds are king size so naturally I should want to make it fit the beds, right? Though the layout looks angled, the 8.5" blocks are actually easily set straight on, allowing the diagonals to be created by the color placement. Once I figured that out, I made this diagram:
Twelve by twelve makes 102" square, so 144 blocks in 12 different colors (1 color per round) will be needed. Dividing the blues and greens into darks and lights and counting very carefully, I made 50  more blocks which included 12 pinks (my 12th color). Then at the end found that I was 3 reds and 3 light greens short! It is a mystery how my counting could have been so inaccurate. 

I enjoyed every one of the fabrics that were made for me and tried to keep them positioned in the center areas as much as possible. Good thing too, since the finished size exceeded my two quilt holders' reach! When finished, this quilt will go on my bed and I will remember each of you with a smile. Many thanks.


Kathryn said...

What fun! This block is so versatile in the many ways it can be set. Yours looks great. Thanks for showing us.

Sherry said...

What a great collection of fabrics. It looks wonderful!

Kathy S. said...

Love your bow tie quilt. Congrats on keeping the momentum going!

Liz Horgan said...

Beautiful quilt Robin!!
I'm proud to have had a part in it!
Enjoy the holidays!

Emily said...

This looks great! What a fun setting for bow ties!

Kelli Fannin said...

i love your quilt!!!