Sunday, July 3, 2016

July Block for Amanda - Hive 4

Being 2 days late posting June's block I thought I'd get ahead and make this month's today too while on a roll!
Amanda set us a challenge with this block - to pick randomly from a bunch of squares, make some HST and throw them in a bag and pick randomly again to sew together.
The only colour was one HST in a bright colour to stand out from the greyscale- I chose green as this is a boy's quilt we were to stay away from girly colours!  Despite no intentional design, I really like how it came together.
It might look like Wilbur, our Basset Hound, was keeping me company while catching up with Stash Bee but no, he strategically placed himself between my machine and the ironing board and proceeded to vocally tell me, via whistles, whines and Mutley mutterings it was time for a break and our evening walk!  Better than an alarm clock.  Still all caught up now!  Thanks Amanda for a really fun and fun to piece block!

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