Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hive #2 March Round-up

This month we made many "Simply Woven" blocks from brights for our Queen Bee Dana.  Great job ladies!

1&2: Heather, 3: Abigail, 4-7: Dana, 8:Vickie, 9-11: Lisa, 12-13: Tiffany, 14-15: Megan, 16-17: Jansen, 18: Jessamie, 19: Andrea, 20: Mandy

I hope I got them all ... SO sorry if I missed any.  You were all busy little bees this month.


Dana said...

I love them all! Great work everyone--thank you so much! I'll post when I get the top finished...but don't hold your breath because it could be a while.

Unknown said...

They all came out so nicely! Great job everyone and Dana you have the makings for a beautiful quilt!!