Monday, February 17, 2014

Hive 12 January Blocks

Hi all! I thought instead of posting a mosaic of the blocks this month (since they all look relatively similar) I'd post a photo of the blocks with others I've made to give a sense of what the finished quilt will look like.

As a reminder, here is the block I asked my bee mates to make. I made the paper piecing template in EQ7.

These blocks are alternate blocks for a quilt I'm making from the the Sugar Blocks I started last year. 

All of my blocks were sent in a timely manner (a big plus in my book!) and some people even sent a couple! Also, I used the opportunity to push myself to finish the other six Sugar Blocks. I still need to sash the Sugar Blocks to make them 15 inches, but here's a sense of what the quilt top will look like with the Sugar Blocks and alternate blocks.

This is a very out of type quilt for me in terms of color and all solids, but I do love the impact!

Thanks again ladies of Hive 12!


Rachel said...

That's very striking and will make a lovely quilt. And hooray for your hive, all being timely and coming through for you!

Willa said...

Thanks so much for compiling the blocks!!