Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Queen Bee Hive #4


Hi!  I’m Christy and I am Queen Bee of Hive #4 for October!

 I am happily married to a cowboy, we have three wild boys  (only one left at home, he is 15). We received our first grandbaby daughter in February of 2012!

The hardest Quilting thing I have ever done? I’m not going to lie. . . . it has been this swap! Every month, I just couldn’t get it right the first time! Sometimes it took 3 and 4 tries! I started with a new sewing machine and the needle moves to different positions. (I used to line my fabric up on my old presser foot).  I could not get that ¼” seam allowance to save my life! I kept second guessing myself, changed this, changed that until this past August I happened to find a clear presser foot at Wal-Mart with a tiny black line that was ¼” mark. (Why couldn’t I have found this sooner?) It was the answer to my dreams at $7.98. Would I do it again? You bet I would!! I worked with colors and blocks that I never would have chosen!

My favorite dessert food is brownies!  I ate a cheesecake brownie thing once at a hotel restaurant that was delicious and have never been able to duplicate it.

The last time I laughed really hard was a couple of years ago when I was buzzing my youngest son’s hair. I had the ear guard on and was almost done and seen a stray hair in the back, forgetting that I had the ear guard on and took a big hunk out of the back of his hair. The moment it happened, he knew what I did, and went running to the bathroom. I found it funny because he has chosen to have a mow hawk, shave his head, and turn his hair green before, but he was crying in the bathroom because we had to go shorter than he wanted. Well when I was sweeping the hair up and throwing it away, I said “we could make a hair piece with this.” But I was laughing so hard and couldn’t get the words “hair piece” out for laughing, and he thought I said he had herpes and was in the bathroom bawling more loudly than before screaming “I do not have herpes!” So, then I was really laughing!

 We have a small horse farm and I give beginner riding lessons. My husband is retired. I am the head cook and housekeeper. We have 4 ducks (my mother’s day present this year ) 8 horses 8 chickens, a blue healer named Kit and a dachshund named Macy.

I learned to hand sew from my grandmother. I remember making a blue satin purse by hand. I later bought my sisters first sewing machine from her and tried to teach myself to sew. I remember crying a lot because it just wasn’t working until I started reading the instruction manual! Then it started happening, until I tried to read a pattern. Then I stopped trying to make clothes and started to make quilt blocks!! Road block =Quilt block!

 I am a very traditional person, therefore I only hand quilt my quilts.

My life Philosophy: Strong people do not put others down, they lift them up!

Now, on to my block!
I would like this 12 1/2” pinwheel/Star block! I am in love with it! I would like you to use soft pinks, soft browns and Kona bone please.  The center pinwheel block I would like to be soft pink and Kona bone.  The outer star area I would like to be soft browns and cream!

UPDATE: any cream color that you have in your stash is fine! It does not have to be Kona bone, or Kona anything!

First you need to cut 8-3 ½” x 3 1/2” Kona bone squares for the outside solid blocks.

Next You will cut 2- 5 1/2” x 5 ½” of soft pink squares.

Then cut 4- 5 1/2” x 5 ½” squares of soft brown.

Finally cut 6- 5 ½” x 5 ½” squares of Kona bone.


Now, lay your 5 ½” soft brown squares and your 5 ½”  soft pink squares on top of a 5 ½” Kona bone square.  Sew all the way around these two blocks like so.


Next, you will cut them diagonally one way and then the other.



Now you have 4 half square triangles.  Press the seams open or to the dark.  Whichever you prefer. . .

Like so

Then trim your dog ears off.


Macy says “The only Dog ears allowed in the sewing room are mine!”

Now lay your HST’s out in this order and sew your rows together from sides, then from top to bottom.

There you have it! I am super excited! My birthday is this month, so  it’s going to feel like I am receiving presents all month long! WHOOO HOOO!

Thank You ladies! I am soooooo excited!


Jennie said...

Hello - is Kona Cream the same as Kona creme?

Seamsewcountry@blogspot.com said...
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Seamsewcountry@blogspot.com said...

Im heading to the fabric store now to double check on the color name!

Seamsewcountry@blogspot.com said...

It is actually kona bone! Thank you for asking Jennie!

Quilting In The Cold said...

Oh dear just ordered Kona Cream will get some Kona Bone instead.

Seamsewcountry@blogspot.com said...

Use the kona cream!!

Quilting In The Cold said...

Cool, thanks Christy.

Paskiaq said...

That story about your son's haircut is hilarious! I have 2 boys and look forward to lots of funny moments with them! :)

Seamsewcountry@blogspot.com said...

LoL yes its never calm at our house that is for sure! Im sure you will learn this with two boys of your own!