Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hive #2 June Block

My name is Nataki Komunyaka Roberts and I currently live in Baltimore County Maryland by way of New York and Alabama! I am married to a wonderful husband Vic who support all my crafts, quilting, sewing, photography, painting, graphic arts, silk screening, crocheting  you name it, I tried it somewhere at one point in my life… My sister who is an artist herself has loving label me as the Craft Queen…. I now have a facebook group call CraftQueen… where we speak on all things Crafts.... I also blog about all my crafts here at

Anyway my hubby and I have two little boys, Victor III and William 6 &3 respectively.  The hardest quilt I started about 8 years ago call the double wedding ring and I am still working on it, once finish I don’t think I will ever do that again.  My favorite dessert is anything with cake and strawberries… What I found funny are my boys… my boys crack me up all the time… One time my little guy came to me and ask when we going to have a baby sister… I still have not gotten any sleep since I had my youngest… that was 3 years ago.  HA HA HA…. No more kiddio for us…well not right now anyway…

 My day job… Well I had two, I am an engineering professor at a local university and also work full time as an engineer.  At night I am also a student, soon to be finish.. I hope… I learn to sew from my mom when I was a little girl but I did more crocheting than sewing then.  About 10 years ago I moved to Maryland to go to grad school and pick up sewing at Joann’s fabric and met some lifelong friends who taught me everything I know… I ended up making my wedding gown… All thanks to them…  Now the first thing I ever sewed was a suit for my mom that she wore and it fell off of her by the end of the day. 

My life philosophy? Life is short, and it's up to you to make it sweet” A quote from Sarah Louise "Sadie" Delany African American Author.  I saw so much bitterness from family who hated the path they chosen in life…I did not want to live like that.. So If I don’t like something about me I go change it… I don’t sit there and grumble about it…So I put on my biggest smile I can muster so I can brighten everyone day... 

So this month project… I am so excited about this one because I looked and looked to find a different type of quilt block… I wanted to do something Hawaiian since we got married in Hawaii, but in my search for an easy pineapple quilt, I could found something better.  

It is called Octagonal Orb Quilt Block. It is a lot of fun to make… I made 3 so far. Please only make one they end up being about 17 inches each, if you like to make more it is up to you… but since it is so large and so many pieces one is great.  Once done please don’t cut I will cut as needed to my finish size. Below is the link to the Tutorial, it calls for a template to cut the Triangle after piecing it together, it was easier to use wax paper as a template, it is translucent enough  to see thought it and flexible enough to cut like a paper pattern. 

I would like the blocks to have some color theme to it.  I love bright bold colors and with my background in image processing … I love working with the color spectrum.  Making the color light to dark dark on the outside!

Or Shades of one single color... you chose... 

 If they are not next to each other please don’t mix them.  Please use the colors in the same color family like the blocks I show and  please pull from your stash… if you have a lot of red colors use shades of red orange and yellow, or red purple and blue.  If you have a lot of blue and green try blue green and yellow.  They can even be a variation of one color shade like the purple orb block I created, shown below. I use a 5 inch charm pack to create that one. Please use Kona Black for the solid part as demonstrated in my quilt blocks and in the tutorial.  The actual page was removed but the pdf is still there at the Modern guild website. I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did. The below blocks are without the end triangles, please add them like the finish block above. 

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