Friday, July 1, 2016

July block for Hive 4 - random grey HSTs

There's just something I love about random HSTs, so I decided to go that way for my block this month.

Fabric Pull: Solids on the white-grey-black spectrum.  Please have at least three shades...if you need some fabric let me know and I'll send you some.  Also, one brightly colored solid.  (The quilt is going to be for a baby boy.  If you could put a non-pink color in, unlike the example, that would be great.)

Cut: Cut 17x 4.5" white-grey-black squares and 1x 4.5" colored square.  (For the picture below I already had an HST in the right size made, but you can still get the right idea.)

1. Put all your squares in a box or bag and mix them up a bit.

2. Make HSTs: Pull out two squares at random, mark one on the diagonal down the middle.  Sew the squares together 1/4" from both sides of the line.  Cut the HSTs apart on the line, press towards the dark side, and trim to 3.5" square.  (Want more details?  Here is one tutorial (use the traditional method), and here is a second tutorial)
3. Set aside one HST with a colored triangle and one HST without a colored triangle.  Put the rest all back in the box.  (There should only be one colored triangle in the box at this point and there should be 16 HSTs.)
4. Pull out two HSTs, at random, and sew them together in a random orientation.  You now have pairs.  Put them back in the box.
5. Pull out two pairs, at random, and sew them together into a line.  (There should be four in a row.)
6. Press the seams so that all the seams in a line go the same direction.
7. Grab two of the lines, nest your seams and sew together.  (Do this twice.)
8. Nest your two large pieces together, and sew together.  Please press the seams open.

Questions?  Comments?  Let me know!

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