Friday, July 1, 2016

Hive 2, July tutorial

The grey fabric for this quilt to be.
Hello Ladies,First of all...
Sorry...for the mess I am going to let you make of your sewing room.
Sorry...for all the ironing you have to do.
Sorry...for making you choose a block.
Sorry... for the overload of picture's.
I am not sorry I choose this block Wonky Stars, because once you are making it, it’s great FUN.
 So let the fun begin.
I am in this Bee for the first time and so far I like it a lot.
Found out that I don't like making blocks for others without some guiding lines, beside the color. So I have drawn the blocks you can choose from or you can make one as you go. I like the stars to pop out but please don't take to much pink in them.
Choosing a block as a Queenbee should do was kind of difficult for me, but then I saw this one from Sue {link tutorial}. I asked her if it was alright to use her tutorial and she said YES.
Her quilt is not finished but maybe I can persuade her to finish it before the end of this year just like mine.
What can I say then: have fun and make sure your seam allowance is good. I use a ¼ inch seam allowance.
My wishes are approximately the same as the guidelines from Sue. I like every color in it, but like I said before not to much pink please. 
 Backgroundfabric is 1½ x 1½ inch, you see the starpoint are bigger.

All the sizes in the blocks are with a ¼inch seam allowance what make a block 12½ inch unfinished.
Cutting all the pieces in advance saves time.
I find out that when you cut the squares for the starpoints, it sometimes is fine that they are a little bit bigger then the pattern prescribes.
Even making this one is less than 90 minutes.
So when the backgroundfabric is nine 3x3 inch squares, the starpoints are four 3x3 square.
Making them 3¼x3¼ inch square is less stress to fit them in the corners.
clicking on the picture makes it bigger
clicking o the picture makes it bigger
clicking on the picture make it bigger and than you cab see how I do iron the blocks.
A little bit about me is that I am a young woman of 58. Married with {not so} Handsome {anymore, but still mine to keep} for 36 years. We have two daughters {1984/1982} they have a household of their own. We have three cats Gandalf, Wolowitz and Bilbo. Quilting is what I do for almost 17/18 years. Very slow in the beginning but after starting a quiltbee in 2005 a lot more. Now I have a BerninaQ24 longarm and I love it.
Want to start my own small business with it.
Challenge picture, had to make a picture in black/white that shows me like I am and what I like.
This is the picture of me: I like my feet so they are the first thing you see, like sewing {pincousion} like fabric and quilts, like movies and music and blue is my favorite color.
I work for 95 hours in four weeks as a receptionist at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. In the train to work, is my half hour patchwork time. You can read more about that on my blog MarPie's sewing.
Click on the picture and it will get bigger, these are the blocks I have made so far.
If there is any question about what so ever, don't hesitated to ask.   
Once again have fun. I start cleaning my sewingroom now. 
Warm regards from Holland,
P.s. I have one small request to all of you. Would you all be so very kind to make me a small white square {2½ or 3 inch finished} with your name, date, place and country on it? I will make it in to a wonky star for the back. I would really, really love that.
Thank you so very much in advance. ♥
this is mine, not a star yet, and it needs the date when it's finished. the black dotted line is 3inch.
Now all the drawings, click on them and they get a lot bigger, so you can see how much you need to cut and how it is made.
don't forget the left / right starpoints cuting on the long starpoints.

don't forget the left / right starpoints cuting on the long starpoints.
forgot to drawn the starpointlines

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