Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hive 4: Random HSTs for Amanda

What a fun way to put a block together! I have another quilt with a million pieces to put together and I think I'll use the "random out of box" method to piece it, because if I have to think about it and hit the design wall, it'll never get made.

I'm afraid my block is woefully low on variety, because it was a complete fluke I had any solids at all, let alone a grey. The only reason I had the blue was because I had to buy a bit for Jennifer's block in April :).

 Also, Kiwi wanted to say hi!

It'll go in the post sometime this week--hope you like it, Amanda!

Greetings from scorching Munich,


1 comment:

Puppilalla said...

I am jealous, Berlin is nowhere near scorching. Then again we do not have to content with the storms you are having either. Your block turned out wonderfully. =)