Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Karen's June Hive 6 block for Laura

Greetings Hive 6-ers and especially Laura. My apologies for the late entry. This block was fun to plan! As much as I've brainstormed about quilts to make, it's surprising that I hadn't thought before to just use fabrics I love without regard for the overall color scheme until the blocks are ready. This will be a truly special quilt!

For my block, the "neutral" corners are my coveted Spoonflower-printed Wormy fabric. Wormy is my mascot and he hopes to take over the world some day. :)
The large plus is a muted solid blue-green. Blue-green is my favorite color, and I always gravitate more to the muted rainbow than the saturated tones. This color is so peaceful to me. The fabric is a solid from American Made Brand because I love working with solids and you can't go wrong with American-made!
The small plus in the middle is made from a scrap from my favorite dress ever. Every time I wear the dress I feel accomplished and pretty.
So the block as a whole represents a peaceful, accomplished mascot taking over the world!

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