Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hive 6 July Block for Tracy

Hello Busy-bees! I finished up a block for Tracy today, although in all honesty I kinda had a ball making it, so I may wait to send it in case I decide to make another... It was so much fun to pick through my scraps and find strings to use! I started with trying to pick the novelty fabric, but had picked out about 10 options, when I decided I should make the string blocks first. Originally I was planning on doing 2 and 2, but man those strings were so fun to make I made 3! I also really love black fabric and finding ways to incorporate it without overpowering a block or quilt. This spool block definitely does that so I got to use some of my favorites! I also happened to be trying out some ideas for when I'm queen bee, and they had left me without a decision, but some perfect sized strips for this block! Posting this one first, because I love it, but stay tuned, you'll probably see one more later in the month. :) Thanks for the fun project Tracy. I'd never made a string block before and now I see why people get addicted to them!


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Tracy Hansen said...

Oh my goodness Jennifer, this is gorgeous!!! Your fabric choices are so clean and crisp looking!!! Those chairs make me wish for summer all year!! Thank you!!