Saturday, July 9, 2016

Patty's July Quatrefoil Blocks

I love saturated color. My fabric collection is rich in color, so Patty's request for saturated colors was exciting. I picked fabrics that speak about my corner of the world. First, blueberries. We have 10 little blueberry bushes that have been overachievers this year. The blueberry season is winding down, but wild huckleberries (which are a close cousin of blueberries) are just coming on. This week we will head to the forest to pick a couple of buckets full.

The second block has some wild Kaffe Fassett fabric, featuring turkey tail mushrooms. The colors are more vivid that actual turkey tail mushrooms, which are shades of sienna browns and olive greens. Turkey tails grow on fallen logs in nearby forests and are harvested for use in food and medicine. They have even been approved by the FDA  for clinical trials in cancer treatment for their immune boosting benefits.

Apricots are nearly ripe, and echinacea stand tall
Patty, your quilt will be awesome. Happy Summer.


Patty said...

Fantastic! Thanks so much, Jane! I love blueberries and Kaffe!

Jacque T said...

What fun blocks Jane!! Love them!!

Patty said...

Your blocks arrived yesterday! They are gorgeous! Thank you so much, Jane!