Sunday, July 24, 2016

Red, White, Blue ... and Orange?

The mere mention of 'wonky' strikes terror in my heart. I'm pretty flexible; I'm ok with changes in plans, or revising approaches that aren't working quite right, but I've never been good with improvisation. I must admit that I couldn't overcome this hang-up so I drafted the star points on paper before executing them.

My husband peeped in on me while I was pulling fabrics and asked about the block I was working on. I mentioned the connection to The Netherlands and that I was planning to work in red, white, and blue since their flag has the same colors as those of us in the United States of America. He suggested that I add some orange in. Stupid me; I just haaaaaaad to ask why. Turns out, the athletes for Holland wear orange . He said that since the Olympics will be starting soon, that I should sneak some orange in to represent the year.


Kathy Bertelsen said...

Your turned out great.... very dramatic

Marga (MarPie) said...

I LOVE it.
Thank you very much.
The touch of orange in it is great.
The orange is not in our flag but streamer is because of our royal house.
"Wilhelmus van oranje" is our Dutch national anthem.
Can't wait to see it in real.
As like all the other blocks this one fits in real good too.

Warm regards from Holland,

Marga (MarPie) said...

If I may ask again, please don't fotget you signature block?
Hope you don't mind me asking again about that.
It would really make a great back on this quilt.
Looke [link] here for what I want to do with it.
Thanks again in advance.

Warm regards,