Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hive 5 July Block for Patty

This is going to be an amazing quilt Patty and I can't wait to see the finish!!  My blocks are ready to rocket (okay snail mail) to you today.  I used some Anna Maria Horner Dowry feature fabric and found a Japanese tone-on-tone to pull the red out even more.  I think it worked and hope you love them.

A recap of this month: Gorgeous inspiration photo, our own pieces of Patty's fabric to work with, a nom nom fabric pull photo, great directions, and the blocks I'm seeing finished are truly drool worthy. Well done Patty and Hive 5!!  Upping the ante once again for the rest of us who haven't been queen yet.  What am I going to do when it's my turn?  Good thing it's not a competition because I've already lost.  :-)

I thought I would have time to make you three blocks, unfortunately no.  So I'm sending back enough gold C + S Netorious and your white for another block if you want.

You asked us to post another interest of ours as we post these blocks.  You just never know where the Venn diagram will overlap right?  About 4 years ago I joined a car club and got help restoring my step father's 1966 Sunbeam Alpine.  It is a two seater red convertible British made sporty little number that my step dad bought in 1967.   I have it entered in the NW All British Field Meet taking place this Saturday.  It's not even close to concourse ready, it still has the original interior and a paint job from 1972 but it's a super fun car to drive and there is a section of car lovers that enjoy a vintage car with it's patina "intact" as it were.  I'm one of those.  If I put a nice paint job on it I would be afraid to drive it and enjoy it.  It's in pretty good shape so I've left it mostly as it was when I got it (except that she runs like a top now!!) and love that it is an original car and tells a story about where it's been and what it's done.  And what an education for me restoring it, I didn't even know how a combustion engine worked when I started, now I can remove and re install the carbs without help!!  I even helped a friend replace his clutch!  Who knew I could do that!?!

I know you said only ONE interest but I also own a small restored 1955 travel trailer which I call Trixie and I'm totally in love with.  There are photos of both my vintage car and vintage trailer on Instagram if anyone is interested to see them.

Thanks for this cool block pattern and as I said before you have a real winner on your hands here.
This quilt is going to be gorgeous when done.

Susan Pray
Shoreline, WA


Jane Holbrook said...

Susan, your blocks are wonderful. I love the impact. Your writing is so fun, and I know we would be trouble if we were neighbors. When I come to Seattle in November I want to meet you for sure! Trixie sounds adorable. Nice work all around.

Patty said...

Thanks so much, Susan. I really enjoyed hearing about your car and camper. My son just called tonight and said he bought a pop-up camper for his truck, and he is retrofitting it somewhat. Somehow to fit a king sized bed. I can only imagine. He is my Lego King Boy, though....How did your car do in the meet?

I love your blocks. I have been thinking about throwing more of the red/orange into the petals, so I am happy to see how it makes things pop with the others.