Friday, July 1, 2016

Hive 3 July tutorial

July Hive 3 String block

Hello! I’m looking forward to seeing all the great fabrics y’all have got hiding in your stash! This month I’d like for you to make me a string block. These blocks are fairly easy- after cutting pressing and sewing, and shouldn’t take more than an hour. I hope my requests are simple; 

·         Use 4 or more strings per side
·         Use only white in the middle
·         Please no animal skin prints
·         Please no repeat prints

There! Piece of cake! This is for a 12.5” square block.

To start:

1. Cut a white strip of fabric 1” X 20”

2. Decide on your fabrics and cut strips of a variety of widths. I cut strips of 1 – 2.5. You may either cut and sew or cut some random lengths of fabric various widths but they don’t need to longer than 20”.

3. Lay a colored strip on top of the white strip and sew together with ¼” seam.

4. Press the seam away from the white strip.

5.  I have a 12.5” ruler that I set on top of my fabric to make sure that when I lay my next strip of fabric down, the next strip will overshoot it and I’ll have enough margins to cut.  If you don’t have this type of ruler, you can make yourself a 12.5 x12.5” template from a piece of paper.

6. Add strips of your choosing until you’ve passed the furthest tip.

7. Repeat down the other side, pressing the fabric away from the white. 

NOW… with this big chunk of strips… don’t cut it. Please. I’ll trim them here, thanks! 

Here’s a look at what the quilt will start to look like:

If all this seems too confusing, there is a paper piecing tutorial found here:

I really love textiles- would you mind telling me in your blog post about how you’ve used one or a few of the fabrics you’re sending me in one of your projects? Thanks! 

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Puppilalla said...

I think the request to tell you how some of the fabrics in your block-to-be were used in other projects, is a lovely idea =)