Saturday, July 30, 2016

July Block for Hive 8

This block was interesting and when all put together, the secondary patterns will be great.  Looking forward to seeing the completed quilt! 

My quilting journey began many years ago learning from my grandmother and others in my life and sewing in general in high school.  But I didn't really get into making quilts until I moved to the east coast 7 years ago and wanted to find a community of friends.  I signed up for a charity quilt group and loved it!  Since that time, I've been involved in my local traditional guild and a modern quilt guild, I gift every new baby in our church with a quilt, made numerous charity quilts for pregnancy centers and Quilts of Honor and have really enjoyed sharing this incredible craft and journey with my daughter.  She jumped into the quilting and crafting world 6 years ago and has become a wonderful YouTube, Facebook, and other online video tutorial content provider.  If you get a chance, check out her stuff, just search YouTube or Facebook for Melanie Ham. 

It's wonderful to be a part of this amazing community where I've found so many close friends!

Lisa M.  

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Puppilalla said...

Very beautiful Lisa =)