Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hive 8 July

I very much enjoyed this block, Patti.  Every month I make two blocks, one for the queen and one for me, for a sampler quilt.  I liked how these came out so much, I think I will keep on stitching to make a whole quatrefoil quilt for myself!  This one is yours, I hope the turquoise print is okay, there is gray and lime in it, and I thought it worked well.
My quilting journey started in about 2005, when I asked my then boyfriend, now husband for a sewing machine for Christmas.  I had pretty quilts dancing in my head with absolutely no sewing know how.  Soon after I tried and failed to get to know my machine and was madly frustrated. It sat in a closet until 2012. 

 2012 is when I started my job at JoAnn fabrics and just had to learn how to use the fabrics I was seeing.  YouTube to the rescue, and I taught myself everything I know now.  I also learned not to buy much fabric from my job. Ha!  (Except Cloud 9 and Kona, always buy Kona there don't let anyone tell you it's not the same, it is and use your coupons, people).  

Now it's 2016,and I  have a better machine, dozens of quilts under my belt, and a long term goal of buying a long arm and turning that into a business. What was so daunting anyway?  Threading that first machine, which I can now do with my eyes closed, and quickly to boot!
Have a great month!


Puppilalla said...

I think that it is a very sweet rendition of the block =)

Patty said...
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Jennifer said...

I love the turquoise print! I also do a block for me for a sampler quilt. My older son suggested that I use those blocks for the back of the quilt made with the blocks from my month as queen. I thought that was pretty brilliant!

Pattil712 said...

I received your block and my gifts yesterday. Thanks so much! The block is beautiful and I love the pattern and needles.