Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pretty Wonky

And here we are, my July finish. Had to get this one done around a 2-week long training for my new job, but wow, it was worth it! I'm not always one for wonky stars, but these designs really appeal to me. Probably because of the extra visual interest in having multiple stars and different colors. Waaaaaaaaaay low on the white and whitish scraps, though.

Still, I like how this one came out. Thanks for the fun!


Jane Holbrook said...

Love these stars. Now I want to make some!

Puppilalla said...

Wow, this one is great!

Kathy Bertelsen said...

Really pretty

Marga (MarPie) said...

At first congratulations on the new job.
You are welcome for making this block with the fun you did.
I love your block and although you are low on the background fabric it will fit in perfectly with the rest of this quilt to be.
I really hope to have this quilt finished at the end of october.
Again thanks a lot for making me this block and hopefully you are willing to put the signature block in as well, when you send it to me.

Warm regards from Holland,