Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hive 8, July Block for Patti

     I have to admit I have found it a bit confusing having two Patti's (well one Patty) who picked the same block this month.  I kept seeing blocks for Patty and thinking folks were confused about Patti's choices.
     So Patti here's my block for you:

     I hope the turquoise floral I chose for the petals is Modern enough.  It's one of my favourite fabrics and I've had it in my stash for a long time.  I'll be waiting to see if we have a lock out in the postal system, before I mail the block.
     Patti, you wanted to know something of our quilting journey.  I've been quilting for something like 11 years although for at least 1/2 of that time it was very sporadic.
I didn't sew much before I started quilting.  You could call me a home economics failure.  I took my first quilting class as a way to help me get through the depressing dark Canadian winters.
     Now that my kids are all grown up I quilt quite a bit. I belong to my local traditional guild where I now co chair the outreach committee (we make donation quilts).  I also belong to the Toronto Modern Guild where I'll be organizing swaps and quilt alongs.   
Lisa J. 


Puppilalla said...

I too felt confused for a moment until I sorted Patti and Patty apart =)

Erin Boone said...

Oh my gosh, I was SO confused too! I kept thinking "Why did no one use the fabric she sent?!?" I'm in Hive 5 and now the 2 blocks and 2 Patti's all make sense!! Thank goodness you said this! :)