Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hive #5 July block for Kelly

I'm late.  Even later than usual.

This summer has been a chaotic slow unwinding of all the over-commitments I made in the spring.  After this weekend, I will finally be free and clear---no time or projects owed to anyone.  Just work, family, and normal life.

Kelly chose a block that I had considered choosing for Stash Bee in the past: a "converging corners" block from Ashley at Film in the Fridge.  I think the final quilts look amazing, but having made one of these blocks I don't think I want to make a whole quilt of them.  It was surprisingly stressful.  

Or maybe that's just my summer.  

I intentionally made the block a little bit oversize---it's closer to 17" than 16.5"---so that Kelly can trim it down to the perfect size.  I even made two of the sides a bit wider so they will still look good after trimming.  

This block got photographed, posted, and put into the mail slot immediately upon being finished.  Apologies for the night picture, but I didn't want to wait for daylight and make it any later than it already is.  

Can't wait to see the finished quilt, Kelly!

As for sewing notions: I really like having several small rulers for trimming blocks.  The ones I use the most are 1"x6" and 8.5"x8.5".  I recently added a 3.5"x18.5" one that is getting a lot of use too.  It's just sometimes too unwieldy to always rely on the big 6.5"x24.5" one that came with my cutting mat (although that one is essential for cutting yardage!).

- Genevieve

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Kelly H. said...

No worries on being late. I am so behind on my August block. It looks super cute and I am sure it will look great with all the others. Can't wait to get it!