Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hive 3 August blocks for Debbie

Hi all. Just sharing my August blocks for Debbie. Hope you like them. The owl fabric is one of my favorites. When I sewed these I somehow managed to see something wrong on both. And one was after I had it all together (ugh). 

I can't wait to see your whole quilt together! 

And for the question, I remember my mom sewing when I was little and ways wanted to try. I took home-ec in 6th grade and loved it. In high school I made my first qut and was totally hooked. 


mumziepooh said...

Groan - I did the same thing - that's why I had to take pictures - there were so many little pieces and I got them all turned around.....but the finished blocks are so pretty and I love them! Thank you!!!

mumziepooh said...

The blocks are wonderful! Thank you so much!