Saturday, September 19, 2015

September Hive 2 Blocks for Jennifer

I had so much fun making these little blocks for Jennifer. I've always wanted to make an I-Spy quilt but my nieces and nephews are way too old for them now.

It's such a joy to use some Heather Ross fabrics and knew the Briar Rose bumblebee would be my first block in yellow. Then, I found this tiny scrap of kawaii fabric with a little surfer girl in Hawaii on it and decided to make a brown block, too. (Since you are teaching colors, I thought it should work. I tried to keep the browns fun.)
I really hope you like them.

To answer your first question, I definitely keep my solids separated because they all have different thread counts. I buy Kona, American Made Brand and shot cottons so I prefer keeping brands together. I don't have a fancy color card and so tend to buy more if I need a lot of a specific color scheme. (This way I don't have to worry about dye lots matching.) I use bins from the Dollar Store that are perfect for holding fat quarters, scraps and/or bundles together. They stack neatly into my shelves when I am not using them.

To answer your second question, I have 17 living aunts and uncles from both sides of my parents (21 total in this Catholic family!!) and they have each had a profound effect on my life. They inspired me to create art, work hard, and cherish every moment while you can. It would be too hard to list them separately to thank them for the lessons I've learned so I will just send a THANK YOU here to all.

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Puppilalla said...

I think the blocks turned out adorable and fun. I hope they work with what Jennifer had in mind. =)