Monday, September 28, 2015

Hive 7 - Blocks for Jane

Jane's block request looked so simple when I first read the tutorial but my first attempt was awful (the piecing) and the second wasn't much better, so last evening I disassembled most of both blocks and went at it again.  Not sure why I had such a hard time with them -- I've done improvisation piecing before??
The good news is that they are finished! 
And they are packed up waiting for the mailman tomorrow morning!! 
Jane asked what colors and prints I would add to my stash? 
Hard question for me since I have a big stash and have been pretty committed to working it down for the past 5 years. 
Two colors that are on my current "to-buy" list are true greens (because I use lots of greens but most of my stash is currently heavy on greens with a yellow tinge) and true purples (I don't like purple but sometimes I need a dash of it).
I would like to add more "modern" prints but I shy away from them because I find that I have trouble mixing them in with fabrics from my stash.  Not enough practice with that category I imagine.
Hope my blocks work in with the rest of your collection, Jane!!
Mary Huey

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Jane Holbrook said...

Mary! I like the blocks! It was a tricky one at first, but I appreciate your efforts and am so thrilled with the results. Thank you!