Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hive 6 September Blocks for Michelle

Howdy from humid Houston!
Love-love-love the inspiration for Michelle's block.  Not only are her Pintrest photos gorgeous, but I really love orange and blue together (except when it comes to Auburn University, of course. Roll Tide!)
It might have said somewhere that we only needed to make one block, but my sewing machine was going, and I had "Are You Being Served?" episodes playing on YouTube, so I didn't hear that.

Some Cotton + Steel prints, a little Dear Stella and Waterfront Park.  I think the top right gray might be from the Parson Gray Curious Nature short, lots of great fabrics, and I had to limit myself to just these!
This was a fun, easy block and a great pick, Michelle!
So, here's how I organize my stash:
Scraps are in the bins by color and yardage is hung on dry cleaner pants hangers in ROYGBIV order, with white at on the left and brown, gray and black on the right.  I also have a bag of 2.5" strips (mostly leftovers from jelly rolls) in a plastic bag at the bottom.
Recently I got this for all of my smaller cuts, half-yard to a yard-ish.
This is an over-the-door shoe holder.  I like it because it is clear, and you can stack the fabric and see everything at a glance.  I was really surprised by how many pinks I had! 
Again organized by color, but not in any real order.
Lastly for my small pieces like fat quarters or fat eighths-ish: bins from the Dollar Tree. 
The lids don't sit on really tight, but it keeps the dust off.
I just fold the pieces so they fit, and they are easy to riffle through to find the exact shade of blue I need!  (Or green or red.  I have a separate bin for each color.  Hey, they were only a dollar! :) )
Of course, I have a separate bin for fabrics reserved for a particular project, but I'm burning through that.  Sort of.
Hope I've given you some inspiration - whether about what to do or what NOT to do!
PS - Excited to be able to send a package via air mail to Australia!

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Michelle said...

Love love your blocks no way that you would have known this but dear Stella first fabric I bought, waterfront park is the fabric I refuse to cut in and cotton and steel my current addiction!!!! Love the system or sorting you have given me ideas with the hangers. Thanks in advance