Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hive 3 blocks for Margaret

I love the tulip block that Margaret choose.   The design is from Podunk Pretties blog and we were asked to make in bright happy colours so this was an easy decision for me!  I went pink and yellow!
This was a fun block and I am looking forward to seeing what Margaret does with our bunch of blocks!

Our question was apart from the heat what was the highlight of our summer.  We haven't had our holidays yet leaving it far too late in the year if you ask me!  Plus living in Ireland we have had very little in the way of heat!  We did have the coldest July in 22 years, Gale force weather alert the first day of August and floods in September.  So you can see I can't wait for my holiday!

On the plus side we did get the kitchen redecorated.  I bought some quilt inspired tiles and it led to a complete repaint, mural and new curtains from table cloths.  This has definitely been my highlight!

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Puppilalla said...

I love it when one inspiration leads right to the next and before you know it - voila! - a kitchen made over. How very nice for you. Thanks for sharing. =)