Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Michelle's September blocks - Hive 6

We're off to a good start for September.  Its my birthday this month so I wanted to finish my block as soon as possible.  More time for celebrating that way....

Michelle's block was easy and fast.  I'd never used this block before but I know I won't be able to say that again....this will be very useful for some future designs....

I decided to go with the blue "plus" because I had some blue that really looked like water...

I made one for Michelle and one for my sampler quilt.

Michelle asked us about how we organized our stash.  Well they say a picture paints a thousand

I used two 4 x 4 shoe organizer cubicles.  each cube is about 6 " wide and 12" deep.  Perfect for fat quarters.  I do try and keep like colors together but I also have several cubes that are a certain collection, like my Alison Glass fabrics and my Lizzie House Pearl Bracelets to name a couple.  It keep sit mostly contained.

Can't wait to see everyone else's stash!

Have a fun rest of the summer (or in your case Michelle, winter)...Tori

1 comment:

Michelle said...

beautiful block thanks in advance
Your stash is so organized, I will have to post a photo of my stash