Monday, September 14, 2015

Hive #5 August block for Emily

Hello All, Genevieve here.

I got my August block for Emily finished last week and into the mail on Saturday.  I'm thrilled to have this baby finished and sent, because it means I am all caught up with where I am supposed to be.

I really like the color palate that Emily selected and can't wait to see the final quilt!  It's not a pattern I'm familiar with, but it went together quickly. 

I store my WIPs in different ways: a pile of quilt tops in my closet waiting to be basted, zip-loc bags full of cut pieces that need assembly, and large finished blocks in an artist's portfolio.  The portfolio is great because it's large enough to store even big blocks completely flat.  That means I don't have to iron them again before quilt assembly. 

Now don't ask me how many quilt's worth of blocks I have in the portfolio... ;-)

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