Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hive 6 September blocks

Hive 6 September blocks

Hi my name is Michelle and I live in Kingaroy, a small town in Australia.
I live here with my kids and husband. Even though we dont live clóse to the beach, we do have a beach house where we go most weekends. Australia is very much a beach-loving nation so my inspiration for my block was the ocean. But not your traditional ocean colours. I have included a few pictures (thanks to pinterest) so you get the idea.

As you can see not your traditional beachy colours. 

My inspiration for the quilt was the plus block from Rachel from Wooden spoon.
I asked her if I could use her dimensions and block for this tutorial and she she said yes and would love you ladies to pop over and say hi if you could. 

I think we have all seen these lovely blocks around, they are quick to make. It took me 30min to make two, and I am slow at the best of times. 

So here goes a quick explanation for the blocks I would like
Background - shades of grey - any grey will do, any shade with a print without print,really anything goes. ( I havent included a picture of the greys as Iwould rather not guide you on this one.
The cross in the middle should either be blues ( dark stormy blues) or bright sunset oranges, use the pictures above as a guide. Here are the colours I grabbed 

Don't you just love the  winter sun streaming through the windows.
Ok So you need from grey fabrics the following 4x 5inch squares; 4x 2 3/4inch squares
From the blue or orange you need 2x 2 3/4inch squares, and one 7 1/4inch x 2 3/4inch rectangle . Lay them out as below 

Then just sew together in strips ... see easy as!

So quick and easy. You can make the blues all one colour or mix them up, the greys can be various ones as well, just dont mix blue and orange. 

My question is. How do you sort your stash. I could not find any greys when I searched mine, and I knew I had a few. So lets see if I can get some ideas to organize my stash better.

Looking forward to everyones block. 

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