Friday, September 4, 2015

Carla's Cool, Calm and Collected Blocks

Carla collects friends by being such a generous and fun quilter (among other reasons!) She invented quilt block swap "gate crashing." She had me with her hilarious blog post, The Cupboard of Shame. Who else would get into a shower stall to repurpose a feather doona (aka a feather comforter?)

 Her August month of being Queen Bee was another lovely and fun read. She wants cool beach colors and that is what she gets. I picked soft tones with a couple of sea weed batiks.

Her question is: "If you ever decided to get a tattoo, what would it be a picture of, and where would you put it? What meaning does that image have?"

I have an artsy dragonfly tattoo on my upper left arm/deltoid muscle. It is in blues and greens with a trail of swirly, tiny dots... I chose that spot because I can cover it up when I work, and it is a spot that (hopefully) won't sag as I get older. I have long loved seeing dragonflies when visiting lakes and streams on hikes and camping trips. They are magical and elusive. "The dragonfly has a freely movable head with large compound eyes. Its four powerful wings move independently, enabling it to fly forward and backward. Long legs, unsuitable for walking, are used to hold insects captured in flight."

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