Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hive 2 September Blocks for Jennifer (from Yvonne)

Jennifer, my niece will be turning 2 tomorrow, so I am so excited to be making these blocks for your niece! Since the block finished out so small, I couldn't limit myself to making only one. Jennifer, the blocks are *slightly* over sized, but I thought it would be best if you gave the final trim before you sew them together.
September Stash Bee Blocks
Jennifer wants to know how we organize our solid fabrics. I keep my solids in separate bins from my prints. I have a large bin for colors and a large bin for neutrals. If the fabric does not come labeled (some stores put awesome labels on that I re-use), I will write the color down on a post it note and fold it into the fabric. I pretty much only have Kona solids. I do have some Denyse Schmidt solids, but they were a large fat quarter bundle / grouping, so they are stored separately in a bag that they nest in perfectly. I have no idea what their color names are... ...and when I lose track of a Kona color name, I'll pull out my color card and sort it out. I like knowing what I am using.

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