Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hive #9 September Block for Grace

Hive #9 September Block for Grace

Hey Everyone!  For this month's block Grace asked us to make a Pineapple Block.  It's a beautiful block!  It was a fun block to watch come together....twice.  The first time I made it, it came out to small, which prompted a verbal outburst and a new and improved clean work space, so it's all good!  Lol!  The tutorial has a misprint in Step 7, which says to use 1 1/4"  strips.  Don't do it!!  Stick with 1 1/2 " for the entire block.  My instincts told me something wasn't right, but i'm not one to listen, even to myself. Lol.  So here are your blocks!  Maybe you can use the smaller one for  throw pillow! 

Grace also asked to see our work space.  Mine is nice and clean now, and much more user friendly!  Here's a before and after:

Thanks for a great block Grace!



Tiff Blakey said...

That's the same fabric I pulled for the middle of my block! I'd swap it, but everything else is packed now.

Toni said...

Beautiful! I'm sort of glad I'm not the only one having to make a second block. Mine came out too big and lopsided.

grace said...

HI Maureen, so sorry to read that about the typo! i have edited my post. I love how your block turned out, the colours are perfect :) Also your sewing room looks amazing! thankyou for sharing. My plan for this week (or maybe next) is to sort my fabric stash so I can find what I need when I'm sewing!