Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hive 4 August block for Chiska

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!!!

Chiska, I'm so sorry this is late. My Day Job crashed in upon me in August, and then we went away for vacation, and so I just got back to sew up a little block for you.  Fun block!  The first one I did, though, was only using a 10" square - doh.  I attribute that error to my crazy days in August when I picked the fabric and cut out the blocks.  So I did it over to make it right.

Hoping you like it.  I have such a small stash of neutral colors, that I made both sides the same. Hoping that is okay, too.  I see most of the quilters mixed it up.  Looking forward to seeing all the blocks together!

My Go-To Baby Quilt pattern is one I just made up. The middle section is comprised of an assortment of 5" squares, 4 wide and 4 down. Then add a sashing strip, then a sashing made up of rectangles of the same fabrics, another sashing strip, a wider border, and then the binding. I like to back them with Minky, too.  The lighting is really bad in this photo, but you get the idea! Plus the photo is now upside-down. Sigh.

Barb Neiwert

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Chiska said...

It looks great Barb! Thank you! Thanks for the baby quilt too. :)