Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hive 8 August Block for Queen Lee


All hail Queen Lee of August. Hurray!

Lee I might have cracked a rib laughing. Weirdos indeed. OK, thank you for making me use all those I-am-sure-at-some-point-I-will-need-skinny-fabric-strips-surely strips that might have been accumulating in my scrap pile. *hem hem*

I am not at all sure that the grey is the grey you wanted, so fingers crossed that it plays nicely with the other blocks you have received.


Otherwise, I am pretty pleased with how the block turned out. I will send it later this week. =)

Fabric lines I missed and wish I had not: Katarina Roccella's  'Indelible' and 'REcollection' lines.

I mailed the block on: 16/08/16


zaney said...

I love it! I love Katarinas collections too! I have some indelible pieces I'm holding onto for dear life and I was recently given a layer cake of recollection.

Puppilalla said...

Ha - you are lucky indeed =)