Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Anchoring the Spectrum for Miranda

I am a hoarder of blenders, so I knew that I'd have plenty of color options for this block. After looking at the posts from others, I made a conscientious decision to hold down the other end of the spectrum by going with a confident purple.

One of the hidden benefits of joining Stash Bee is that I've become more comfortable with 'wonky'. Before I joined the Hive, I'd have dreaded Miranda's block based simply on the fact that there are unstructured parts. Now, I hopped right in. I enjoyed it so much that I made TWO! I hope that aqua fits in ok.

1 comment:

TheGeek said...

Not only does the lovely aqua fit right in, it goes great with a teal-green block I received and a turquoise block I made. What beautiful purples too! Thank you!