Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hive 5 - August Seaside Treasure!!

Woohoo!! Just under the wire! :) Well, it's a good thing the block was up to us this month as my machine foot was lost in the move, it's on backorder from Viking and the generic one I purchased from Amazon doesn't fit my machine :( So I had to... drumroll please, hand sew this entire block! With not even a rotary cutter :/ Yes, that's right, the type of sewing that I haven't done since high school I had to reinstate! I need to work on my organic sewing room skills for sure! Please forgive me if this one is a little extra "wonky!" :)

Yesterday made thirty days in our new home and I still haven't found the flatware in all my unpacking :/ But my honey made it home safe from Afghanistan this week so we have a lot to be thankful for! The girls and I are thrilled!! Plus he finally got to see Baby #3 cooking on the ultrasound screen <3 We just moved to Florida and he wants to go frolic in the storm surge so we are off to do that now <3 From my beach to yours, enjoy!! <3 XoXo-Erin

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Jane Holbrook said...

Well you have been a busy girl. The family on the beach is heartwarming, and you do improv very well. Congrats on baby.