Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hive 7 June's Block and Hive Crashes

Love this block Irene. Really easy and I really like how it turns out when you put the 4 of them together.  Hardest part for me was leaving it untrimmed! I had fun picking out the different dots, hope you like them.

Then I couldn't help but make a block for Abigail, who has picked the same block I picked last year.  I hope you love your finished quilt half as much as I do. It has turned out to be one of my favorites. I used 48 different squares, no repeats, which makes it colorful and scrappy.  I also made a tag and will include it.

I love the easy block that Laura picked and had a great time picking out fabric for the Plus Blocks. They went together so quickly. It is hard not to keep making more.

I made a block for Francis of Hive 1 after coming across these fat quarters.  It just seemed so perfect for the King's Cross. I love how it turned out. In addition it had great instructions and took no time at all to make. Would love to see your finished quilt.

I also made Paulette of Hive 2 a block. It was fun to make and love the finished block.

Well as usual I am looking forward to seeing next months new blocks. Until then, happy sewing.



frstborn said...

I knew leaving it untrimmed was going to be hard for some (it would have been VERY difficult for me).....but it will really help me make them all match up; thank you!

Francis Paul said...

Cyndi, you are so sweet to make me a block! You picked a wonderful selection of fabric. Dank je wel as we say in Dutch :-) Francis

Jane Holbrook said...

Cyndi! You are putting the rest of us to shame with your generous and energetic sewing. Nonetheless, I am inspired to spend more time sewing. Right now my strawberry and raspberry patches are coming on strong! Nice work. xo

Tracy Hansen said...

Everything is gorgeous as usual Cyndi!!

C Bachman said...

Nice work!!