Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Union Jack block for Toni

Paper piecing. I guess we can remove this one from the list of things I had planned to never try.

Because I am the kind of girl who never, ever reads the manual, I just kind of jumped into this one without even remotely attempting to engage my brain in the process. I mean, skimming through a couple of blog posts about paper piecing should totally be sufficient grounding, right?

There's no need to point out that glaring error, what with me not even getting the colours the right way around, yeah?

So after I ranted a little on Instagram I decided to go at it a little more logically. When I thought of it, it even made sense to sew the pieces together in NUMERICAL order. I know! Genius! How has nobody thought of this before? I even decided to cut and label all my pieces before I got going.

 It came together nicely, though dear lord, slowly.

I managed to get most of the paper off, even, and the block was the right size the first, well, the second time around (if you count the quadrant and a half I had tried the previous day). Because some of the stitches came loose when I pulled off the paper, I stay stitched around the perimeter to make sure everything stayed in one piece.

And here it is in all its glory!

Hope it fits the colour scheme, Toni!


Toni said...

It's fantastic! The fabrics are spot on, but that gray is really wonderful! Thank you so much. It is going to work perfectly with the other blocks.

Toni said...
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Jane Holbrook said...

You crack me up. We have the exact same style, skip the instructions, they are for dummies, and proceed to make something. I just recently made 2 log cabin blocks, for an Eleanor Burns pattern (Bear in the Woods) that my quilt club is doing. Afterward I got a phone call that my 2 blocks had to be picked apart and resewn because I did them backwards. Doh.

Well, you did end up making a lovely block, and the colors are so elegant. I am tempted to try it, and lucky for me, I know all about paper piecing so I don't need to read the directions. lol.

Julia said...

Holy cow I wish I had stay stitched around the perimeter. I had the same problem when I removing the paper at the end. I'll do this next time.