Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hive 8 | Block for Amanda

Like many of our hive-8-mates, my stash is hurting in the Kelly and Mint Green departments, but I was able to come up with a navy block without the need to hit up the fabric shop.  Although, I was seriously tempted to buy a collection of kelly green fabrics, citing this months challenge as the perfect excuse.  Will power prevailed!!

So far, the Queen Bee's of Hive 8 have been crushing their block selections - I'm up next month and the pressure's on to pick another winner!!

Amanda, this block made it out in today's mail so it should be arriving soon.  I hope you like it!


Puppilalla said...

Oh Liz, the block is just darling. The whales are just fabulous, love them. Good luck picking your block. I am looking forward to it!

June D said...

Great looking fabric for this block! Looking forward to what you decide for your month.