Monday, March 28, 2016

Hive-2 Block for Lori.

Late....but within the month it is supposed to be done.
So I am happy.
Colour requested are suppose to be easy but....
I found out that colours can look different in some pictures.
Hope these are allright?
Used this pattern, is paper piecing, easy for me.
Love stars, so no problem with that, only do you know how many starpatterns there are!!!!
And I have to pick one for someone else.......hard time doing that.
Thought it would be fun making it a little bit about my country colours too.
Then all of a sudden it all came together.
The colours, the pattern, the size.
After all it was fun to make this one.
Lori, I do hope it is worth the waiting?
Tomorrow it will go out in the mail, so hopefuly you will receive it before April 9th.
Warm regards from Holland.
Have a nice day
Blocksize 12½" unfinisched.


Francis Paul said...

what a gorgeous fabric pick :-)

Kathy Bertelsen said...

I think this is beautiful.... love how the red just pops...

Lori said...

Thank you. Great work.