Saturday, March 19, 2016

March On! Hive #4

I won't lie, I went to check and make sure this was really my hive when this block came up.  It's a cute block and I've often thought about making my British husband and half-British daughter something with it...and then I look at the directions and find something else to sew on.

If I made it again, I probably wouldn't pre-cut my fabric.  That got me in more trouble than usual.  I know it is intended to save fabric, but since several pieces I had to recut after unsewing them multiple times, I think I would have been better off with just chunks of fabric.  Please let me know if it doesn't meet your fabric standards and I'll try again!

(My photography is a bit wonky-the block isn't!)

1 comment:

Toni said...

Great job! I know what you mean about pre-cutting fabrics, it can be a bit tricky getting those pieces just right. I really do like the fabrics, especially that gray. Can't wait to see it. Thank you!