Monday, March 14, 2016

March Cowboy block for Jane - Hive 5

This block was so much fun!  He's been finished and keeping me company for well over a week.  If I kept him any longer, I was gonna' have to name him... and make him some friends...and a pet.  So off he went today to his new home.  Jane, I hope you like the fabrics and don't mind the stars on his scarf too much. I couldn't resist. :)

Happy quilting and happy spring, Everyone!
Hive 5


MJ Snyder said...

He's adorable!

Emily said...

I love the stars on his scarf! He's so festive!

Jane Holbrook said...

Cheryl! Thank you sew much! He is wonderful, and I like his scarf a lot! He will be a great addition to my posse. I'll let you know when he arrives in my post office box! Yee-Haw!

Jacque T said...

Cheryl, he looks perfect!!! The star bandana makes it!!! Love it!!