Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hive8 Plus Block for Amanda

Hi Everyone!
Well spring has not quite sprung here in Northern Virginia and it appears we may have a bit of snow tomorrow but I know it is right around the corner and definitely influenced my color selection for Amanda's block.  While I had some dark greens and dark blues, these mints just seemed to be calling spring and I loved how it turned out.  It was also really fun to think of the projects these scrap fabrics were from and in some cases parting with the last few fragments of some of my favorites!  But I was happy to do so and it was a wonderful trip down memory lane.  My stash is much more concentrated in prints, so I found this a bit of a challenge to find ones that read mint.  I just might have to make me one of these blocks.  Amanda - it will be on it's way today. 

Lisa M.


Lisa J. said...

Very pretty. I have the same issue with my stash.

Puppilalla said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty =)

June D said...

Wow! You have a lot of mint fabrics in your stash! Very nice block. Do you have a place where photos of your quilts are posted?

Adtski31 said...

Love it :)