Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hive 8 - March Block - Scrappy Plus

Hello fellow bees,
How is everyone? Has spring sprung in your corner of the world? In Berlin in Germany the trees are budding but the temperatures bounce between -2 and +10 with sleet, snow, rain and sun all in the mix. 

Hive 8 March Queen Amanada asked for scrappy pluses and scrappy pluses she shall have, if she so desires. Here my block in mint. Only, I kinda followed the tutorial Amanda had referenced, which slightly different from what Amanda did herself but I hope it still fits the project overall.

My, to work in a solely monochromatic colour scheme was a challenge. I had to exclude every fabric that contained accents in different colours. By the end I was worried I might not have enough fabrics to accomodate Amanda's wish but mint came to the rescue. Amanda all yours. I will mail the block this week.

Block mailed on: 04/03/16


Lisa J. said...

Wow. You were on it in no time!

Puppilalla said...

I had a free evening and felt motivated =)

June D said...

Boy - you have a lot of mint in your fabric stacks! How lucky to have them handy so you could finish this block up so quickly. Looks nice!

Adtski31 said...

Looks great!