Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blocks for Heather

This month Heather asked us to make the "Card Trick" block.  Definitely a challenging block for me. So much so that when an Angel Block was needed I jumped at the chance to do it and improve on my block.  Using the color chart is a must, or you end up ripping out multiple seams.  Where I had problems was making the sections the larger size then trimming them.  When I made the second block I cut them the actual size and things went much easier.  Apparently I am math challenged.  Here are the 2 blocks that I ended up with.  They will be in the mail tomorrow.  I hope you enjoy them Heather!

Heather's question this month was "If you could go back to school and learn anything, what would it be?"  It would have to be architecture.  My degree is in Clothing & Textiles with a minor in Interior Design.  When I took my design classes I fell in love with architecture, but it was too late to change majors.  So if I were starting over again I would head straight for the Architecture department! 

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