Sunday, April 5, 2015

Current Girlfriend is a Little Behind

If you get the joke, I feel like a behind being so late posting my March blog, but hey, better late than never. And, I did get my March block made and sent off during the month. Hurrah for the good part. Melissa asked for a block called Sister's Choice, and specified purple points. I had fun picking some dreamy spring greens for my block. The tiny dragonflies have the same green bodies. I was stymied by how tricky it was to make the block turn out well, and my seam ripper was my friend. I would design the tutorial a little differently to facilitate precision, but it did turn out just the same. Here is my finish:

Melissa's question about my favorite color, and favorite quilting color was a good one. My latest little project was inspired by end of winter colors, tan, beige, greys, and a little green. I love the colors, so soft and dreamy. And, yes, we have lots of delicious mushrooms in the forest here in the Rocky Mountains. My favorite color is green. Here is my "winter leaf skeletons."

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