Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hive 9 April Blocks for Heather

Heather had us make the Card Trick block for April. Like others have said, I've wanted to try this block for a while, so I'm glad she chose it. I had fun making it. She picked Coral, Chartreuse, Plum, and Indigo for her colors. I was so excited by her color selection because it gave me an opportunity to finally use the two indigo prints in my stash that never seem to fit into the blue or purple category, and therefore, always get tossed in the reject pile when I'm making color specific blocks. Yay!

Heather asked us, "if you could go back to school and learn anything, what would it be?" That's so easy for me to answer. I'd finally go back and get my master's degree in Music Theory. I have my bachelor in Music. While I'm a decent pianist (my chosen instrument), my mathematics loving brain really excelled at Music Theory during my undergraduate program.

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