Friday, April 10, 2015

Scrap Jar Stars for Shari, Hive #7

This week I've been doing just a little here and a little there.

These beautiful, bright Scrap Jar Star blocks are for Shari.  

Shari asked us what our dream vacation would be.  I've got a couple, depending on my mood.  For one, I'd LOVE to go back to Italy for an extended tour.  Art, history, food ...  This time I want to go when I can catch all the museums open and spend more than a couple of hours in them.  I also want to enjoy Venice one more time before it supposedly disappears.  My other one is a quilt retreat.  I've never been, and even if I knew where to find one, I couldn't justify the splurge.  I've seen a couple in Utah that I'd love to go to and double with a visit to my parents, but travelling over passes in winter is NOT my idea of vacation =)


Kath said...

Your stars are just too darling. I love them. Can you send them to me? Shari won't mind.

DoohikeyDesign said...

So bright and so fun! Thank you so much! :)

DoohikeyDesign said...

Hey Kath! you can't have them but you can admire them!